4 & 5-Figure Werkbook
4 & 5-Figure Werkbook
4 & 5-Figure Werkbook
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4 & 5-Figure Werkbook

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Launch A 4 & 5-Figure Brand On Social Media Like A BOSS!

Gain Clarity, Strategy & Tools to Reach Your 4 & 5-Figure Launch Goals.

Grab this $49 digital workbook for just $25 today!

4 & 5-Figure Launch Strategy

A 4 & 5-Figure brand launch requires strategy! This 4 & 5-Figure Werkbook covers everything you need to know to develop a strong and compelling online brand that converts! (even with a small social media account)

This Best-Selling Werkbook is valued at $49+, it's $25 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Get INSTANT access today, and learn how I was able to create multiple 4 & 5-Figure brands online using social media, developing 7+ streams of revenue!

What Women Are Saying On Social Media...



✔ Product/Service Development Worksheets

✔ Business Plan Template

✔ Business, Branding, Legal Essentials Checklists

✔ Management System Checklist

✔ Website & Social Media Content Templates & Checklists

✔ Top Shopify Apps

✔ Top Social Media Planning Apps

✔ Sales Funnel Templates

✔ Social Media Engagement Templates

✔ Social Media Reach Templates & Worksheets to Find & Expand Your Online Audience

✔ Digital Product Ideas

✔ Bonus Brand Scripts to Grow Your Email List x 10!



✔ Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs

✔ Bloggers, Influencers, Content Creators

✔ Freelancers

✔ Coaches, Consultants

✔ E-Commerce Business Owners

✔ Product or Service Based Businesses

✔ Legal Professionals, Lawyers

✔ Photographers, Videographers

✔ Boutique Owners, Fashion Designers, Wardrobe Stylists

✔ Authors, Copywriters


Hey, I'm Crystal Ngumezi...

I'm a faith-based Social Media Influencer and the CEO/Founder of The Proverbs 31 Women's Organization, with a few profitable brands under my belt thanks to using Instagram to brand, grow, and fund my businesses. 

7 years ago, I Left Corporate America to launch my nonprofit and for-profit businesses, gaining me recognition on social media by 30,000+ people, well-known magazines, and prestigious corporate organizations.

Trusting in God to pursue what I felt unqualified for at the time has not only helped me launch multiple 4 & 5-Figure brands on the internet with 7+ streams of revenue, but it has also boosted my self-confidence and inspired thousands of women online.

I've spent the past 5 years helping thousands of women like you learn how to build powerful monetized online brands using social media, and I WANT TO HELP YOU NEXT!

What qualifies me to help you? I have a B.S in Mechanical Engineering with professional experience in branding, social media management, digital storytelling, business startups, sales, online marketing, process improvement, and B2B/B2C lead generator experience. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to stepping out on faith and launching purpose-based, sustainable brands.

Now let's get you on the path to earning 4 & 5-Figures girl! (Cheers)